MATH's UP! is a basic math-infused puzzle game designed for all ages! 

Simple addition puzzles start the game and give way to subtraction soon after. Up the ante, literally, by beating levels and acquiring new number ranges to puzzle with.

With no timer, no pressure, the joy is exclusively in solving the puzzle! Play through hundreds of combination levels and finally enjoy infinite puzzling or start over again.

Simple enough for a child to pick up, but fun enough at any age to start solving (or using the SOLVE BUTTON)!


11 Unique Themes
3 x 3 Puzzles
4 x 4 Puzzles
Unlockable Achievements
Solve Puzzle Button (for when you're stuck!)


1. Start Anywhere on the Bottom Row.
2. Use Every Row
3. End Anywhere on the Top Row.


If you love MATH's UP! as much as we do, let us know what you'd like to see in the next version!

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